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Discover the Harbourside City of Auckland

Auckland is a glorious place to visit, especially for first-timers to New Zealand. The central district is located next to the waterway and is compact enough to explore on foot. Readers of this blog will discover the top attractions to look out for and the best places to simply chill out. The ideal place to start is Sky Tower Auckland, New Zealand's tallest building, with fabulous views from the observation deck. Not to be missed are the Auckland Harbour Bridge, One Tree Hill, and Waiheke Island. Those who enjoy live events will want to pay a visit to Viaduct Harbour.

Entertainment in Auckland

12 Jul 2021

Welcome to the City of Sails! Of course, we’re talking about the largest city in New Zealand, which has great fun reserved for all tastes and ages. From a buzzy nightlife to volcano trails and zoos, Auckland is a city for everyone. Come with us as we guide you through the most exciting attractions lying at the heart of New Zealand!

A Bit of History

Auckland was founded in 1840 by its first governor, Willian Hobson. Hobson saw in Auckland’s isthmus the fertile lands and handy waterways he needed to establish a prosperous town. It’s close to some of the largest Maori populations. In fact, the local tribe supported Hobson’s enterprise. It happened mainly because the local Maoris feared invasions from rival tribes coming from the south. The place was named after Hobson's patron, the First Lord of the Admiralty, Lord Auckland.

What’s on?

The city owes its nickname to its geographical location. It sits between the harbours of Manukau and Waitemata. For this reason, there are plenty of options for aquatic activities. Those activities include island hopping and a unique whale safari. It’s also possible to go on day trips to one of the several scenic islands nearby.

In fact, wildlife lovers will have nothing to complain about here. If sailing makes you feel sick, don’t worry. There are loads of options to be explored in the mainland. Have you ever been to a volcano? Here’s your chance, since there are no less than 50 of them around!

Once you’re in the city, you can’t miss the Auckland Zoo, the Stardome Observatory, the Planetary, and the thematic park, Rainbow’s End.

A City for Lovers

If you’re visiting the city with your significant other, don’t miss the romantic options the city has to offer. Watch the sunrise at Takapuna Beach, framed by Rangitoto Island. It’s such a famous sunrise that there are plenty of breakfast and cafe options, from 6 am on.

During the day, go to Silo Park, where you can find cinemas, bars, live music and more. Romantic sunset at Mt. Victoria, in Devonport, should be the perfect closure of a day of adventures and the beginning of an exciting night ahead.


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From the Hobbiton to skyscrapers and stargazing places, boredom won’t be a problem during your stay in the City of Sails. There are fantastic options for families, lovebirds, and adventurers. Your days in Auckland are likely to remain in your memories forever!

Understanding Auckland

27 May 2021

This is New Zealand's most populous city, also known as Queen City or City of Sails. It is renowned for arts, culture, awesome scenery, and great cuisine. The governance structure is headed by a mayor. It is one of the world's safest cities with a subtropical climate of warm summers and mild winters.

Visiting Auckland's Sky Tower

24 Apr 2021

Auckland's tallest building has activities like dining and viewing available to the public at various height levels. Thankfully, it remains open, albeit worth level 1 COVID-19 restrictions. It is open daily from 10 am to 8 pm subject to favorable weather conditions. Tickets for entry are sold up to 7.30 pm.

Thrilling Places to Visit in Auckland

15 Mar 2021

It is possible to view 80 km out from the Auckland Sky Tower, but some places are best visited in person. The Waitemata Harbor, the Memorial Museum, One Tree Hill, Maritime Museum, East Coast Beaches, and Waiheke Island are all places that will give you a great thrill.