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Getting Around Auckland

Much of the transportation in Auckland is by car. Travelers might want to rent a car, as the public transportation system in Auckland is complicated. The roads are profoundly overcrowded. Laws in New Zealand permit drivers to drive for a year with an International Drivers License or on the license of the driver's own country. Driving in New Zealand is on the left side.

The primary center for information on public transportation is the Britomart Transportation Center found on the corner of Customs and Queen Street in Auckland. Visitors can obtain information about ferry, train and bus schedules. The MAXX has schedules that can be downloaded.

Bus service is the practical method of transportation in Auckland as it handles over 40 million passengers each year. The most popular bus destinations operate every five to fifteen minutes. Residents could function without a car with a short walk to a bus stop. Bus service is not as reliable during the peak hours of service. Delays of around 15 minutes can occur. Bus travel can also be slow on routes.

Visitors might find bus travel to be slow on longer distances. Visitors should consider the alternatives of ferryboat or train. Longer travel times also exist on across town in contrast to north-south routes.

Visitors can obtain the Auckland Discovery Pass for $14. This document allows transport on public transportation excluding the Airbus from the airport to CBD and the Fuller Ferries.

Auckland has an assortment of bus companies operating within the Auckland area, and their schedules are not coordinated. The leading company is NZ Bus, which has tagged their own service with the names of the region in Auckland that each serves. These divisions are Metrolink and Urban Express in Central Auckland; North Star, Ritchies and Birkenhead in North Shore; Go West and Ritchies in Waitakere; Waka Pacific in Manukau or South Auckland; and Howick and Eastern in Manudau or East Auckland.

The Link Bus operates in Auckland CBD and Ponsonby, Parnell and Newmarket. The City Circuit also serves the CBD. The HOP card is an inclusive system which permits passengers to use all the NZ bus systems and will be expanded to ferry, train and other bus companies. The various bus systems use a variety of card systems. North Shore has started using a Northern Pass System which can be acquired for a length of time.

Visitors will find that train travel is a viable option for those near train service if they serve the suburbs. The three lines all start at the Britomart. The Southern travels to Papakura, the Western line goes to Waitakere Station, and the Eastern extends to four stations in the east and then joins the southern line.